'Bar Roulette' Combines Two Popular Apps to Give Users a Unique Experience

'Bar Roulette' is an app that lets you and your friends go on unplanned surprise adventures using Yelp and Uber. The app is best for the highly indecisive or indifferent bar goers, who will be delightfully surprised when the app determines your destination.

In a rather simple process, you sign in to Bar Roulette with Uber, set your radius, and the app uses yelp to choose where to go based on its ratings system. The app also orders an Uber for you, and the driver is informed of the location. Upon arriving, the bar name is revealed.

Bar Roulette may be a useful tool for tourists unfamiliar with a city, or even for those just looking for a spontaneous night. Fans of the app have already been pressuring Bar Roulette to expand their scope and include restaurants and even a possible collaboration with Airbnb.