This Informational Web Show Teaches 'Adulting 101'

 - Mar 8, 2017
References: people & hellogiggles
HelloGiggles and People Entertainment Network teamed up to produce a new inspirational and educational web series for Millennials called 'Adulting 101.' The new series was created in response to the fact that the legal age of adulthood is 18, but "a recent study shows that most Millennials don't begin to feel like they're 'adults' until the age of 29."

The first episode introduces 26-year-old Ariana, who is living with her parents and struggling to meet her dreams of becoming a comedian. After meeting with a life coach, it is determined she needs to do three things to work towards "adulting:" become self-motivated, develop career goals and organize her room.

HelloGiggles notes that other Millennials who will receive help in future Adulting 101 episodes include "29-year-old Ina, a struggling student and serial subletter" and "35-year-old Glen, who didn’t know how to put air in his tires."