Adrian Esparza Weaves Brilliant Landscapes From a Serape

 - Oct 5, 2011
References: & designboom
El Paso-based artist Adrian Esparza created a series of breathtaking pieces for the 12th annual Istanbul Art Biennale. Using a serape, Esparza choose a series of iconic landscapes to recreate using the unraveled material from the traditional Mexican blanket. Aside from being a tourist's favorite, the serape has a long and rich heritage in Mexican culture. Derived from a combination of Mesoamerican and European weaving styles, the serape is a symbol national unity and the embodiment of Mexican history.

Esparza unravels the blanket that is synonymous with Mexican culture and uses it to create the skylines of other countries. Adrian Esparza demonstrates the widespread influence of Mexicans, documenting their immigration and integration into other countries and cultures across the globe. Esparza's landscapes appear streamlined and clean, not unlike the simplified geometric landscapes of cubist-master Braque. Importantly, no matter how complicated his creations get Esparza never cuts a strand. Each thread leads back to their source: the serape.

Esparza successfully minces tradition with expansion, and memory with discovery to create a true representation of the evolution of Mexican culture and its impact on the global community.

Photo Credits: designboom I