The 'Elena' Adjustable Sink Changes to Suit Users of All Kinds

 - Sep 28, 2017
References: yankodesign
Sink designs in public restrooms are often designed with a uniform height level that makes it difficult for those in a wheelchair or who are shorter in stature to use, so the 'Elena' adjustable sink looks to alleviate this problem. Designed by Jingwei Dang, the 'Elena' sink is able to adjust at the touch of a button to the optimal height, whether it is required to be raised or lowered for proper usage.

The 'Elena' adjustable sink also incorporates a hand dryer underneath the basin to make it an all-in-one fixture for public bathrooms without the need to have multiple accoutrements spread out around the space. The sink acknowledges the requirement for better ergonomics in product design for public use items to ensure no one is left feeling left out of the equation.