Punch in Your Prescription and Let the i-Free Adjust to Your Eyesight

 - Jul 24, 2013
References: yankodesign & stupidhoony
This prototype concept is hi-tech -- rather than having to wear glasses to see better, it lets the object adjust to your eyesight. This idea by Ryan Jongwoo Choi is called the i-Free. It aims to auto-correct computer words and images to meet the prescription needs of the viewer, so that glasses or contacts can be tossed away.

The i-Free is essentially an additional screen that clips on top of your regular computer, laptop or tablet. At the top, there is a prescription indicator that lets you adjust to your needs. The words become clearer at certain numbers, since the screen is adapting to the prescription input.

For those who are staring at computer screens all day, this would be a great investment. The i-Free gets rid of the hassle of wearing glasses and contacts, while easing the strain on your eyes.