Business and Urban Elegance Come Together in the Adidas Originals Brogue Pack

 - Sep 26, 2012
References: 2000musicradio & adi-originals.tumblr
The Adidas Originals Brogue Pack puts a dressy spin on comfy fashion-forward sneakers. Though the color palette is simple, the black and white come together to create undoubtedly striking shoes that you will never want to take off. 

The women’s Brogue collection is defined by a combination of monochromatic low and hi-top wing-tipped sneakers. The white embellishments on the zippered black patent hi-tops transform the sneaker into a refined piece of footwear. The three ribbons that Adidas is known for incorporating in its design, blend almost seamlessly with the smooth black surface of the classy urban kicks. The lo-tops are shiny and sleek, resembling the loafers of prominent tap dancers during the explosion of the jazz age in the 20s.

There is no doubting that the Adidas Originals Brogue Pack is overflowing with attitude and flavor.