The 'Just One More Level' Tee is Fit for Hardcore Gamers

 - Jun 19, 2009   Updated: Aug 3 2011
References: fashionablygeek & gearfuse
If you are addicted to video games and just can’t seem to let go of the controllers before bed, then this t-shirt was made for you.

The ‘Just one more level…one more level’ slogan is probably what you tell yourself in an attempt to provide an excuse for not doing anything else.

Don’t worry, we all have similar problems. If I’m reading a good book, I tell myself "Just one more chapter…one more chapter."

Implications - In the last few years, Hollywood has shifted its focus to film franchises based on video game or comic book characters, largely because these properties come with a built-in fanbase. A company can capitalize on this by creating speciality products or clothing that references famous characters or scenes from these genres of entertainment. They will attract interest from fervent fans eager to invest in another product that displays their passion for the gaming culture.