TransBlock is a Sustainable and Imaginative Plaything for Preschoolers

 - Apr 11, 2016
References: sherryqiandesign & core77
There are a number of reasons why this adaptable wood toy is great for children -- preschoolers to be exact. It is full of limitless possibilities in regards to how it can be played with, helping to stretch the imagination of the player. Beyond that, it is also made out of a sustainable material that teaches children about the environment. Lastly, it takes children away from digital devices, something that parents must consciously do now from time to time.

Dubbed TransBlock, the adaptable wood toys were designed by Sherry Jiekun Qian. Simple yet complex, they can be used to developed curiosity, creativity and independence. Although easy to assemble, the variety of possible shapes and characters that can be created makes it a challenging game.