The Adam Parker Smith Installation Takes on Societal Issues

Adam Parker Smith Installation is a colorful art critique. Created by artist Adam Parker Smith this mixed media piece is entitled, 'This Side of Paradise (I Lost All My Money in the Great Depression and All I Got Was This Room).' The title is a mouthful, but just like the wall installation; it is a playful commentary on wealth.

The installation is a repurposed bedroom at the Andrew Freeman Home. The artist's idea was to underscore, "the fact that the 'wealth' that manifested itself here was in fact an illusion, created for the comfort of its residents." Adam Parker Smith recreates a traditional wallpaper decal; however, the facade is cheaply chic. Created using dollar store purchases such as hard candies, costume jewelry, plastic flowers and more, it is sickly sweet. The real commentary is in the fact that the piece stays delusionally cheerful.