Adam Batchelor's Artwork Comments on Western Reach and Influence

 - Dec 1, 2011
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Pop culture is influencing so many sectors in the world, especially art, that the work of artist Adam Batchelor doesn't seem too out of the ordinary. Yet upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that things are not at all what they first seem. These simple illustrations revolve around third world children decked out in Western clothing and surrounded with Western objects. Through these odd pairings, Adam Batchelor shows the reach and influence of Western consumer culture on these developing nations.

Born in Norfolk, England and currently living in Norwich, Adam Batchelor has always been fascinated with the idea that nothing a person sees is ever real. While Adam Batchelor's drawings themselves deal with that issue, the negative space that surrounds them represents "a stage for the subjects to be arranged and centered, to fade in when necessary," as his site puts it.