The New Acne Studios Stockholm Shop is Inside Nordiska Kompaniet

 - Apr 29, 2015
References: superfuture
Located within Stockholm's iconic Nordiska Kompaniet department store, the new Acne Studios Stockholm shop-in-shop is a fully branded luxury experience that will transport the shopper to another world. When one steps into the boutique, located on the second floor of Nordiska Kompaniet, they are predisposed to completely forgetting about the busy department store setting they have just escaped.

Now the ninth retail outpost from Acne Studios in Sweden, the brand's presence in this pinnacle of luxury retail is a necessary step if they are to remain in the spotlight, especially in the brand's home country.

The stunning high-end environment within the new Acne Studios Stockholm shop is defined by floor-to-ceiling stainless steel and polystyrene furniture by British artist Max Lamb.