'Beauty Tips by Reshma' Features Advice from an Acid Attack Victim

 - Sep 15, 2015
References: youtube & marieclaire
The Beauty Tips by Reshma series is like countless other makeup tutorials on YouTube, except that it stars an acid attack victim. In the viral video, Reshma describes how to achieve perfectly smooth lips before applying lipstick, as well as other familiar beauty tips—but the true intent of the video goes beyond this. In the awareness-raising beauty stunt, she underlines the message of how easy it is for the average person to obtain concentrated acid.

The Beauty Tips Reshma videos is linked to the #EndAcidSale petition and movement, which aims to prevent the average person from getting their hands on dangerous acids, in order to thwart more of these attacks in the future. For this reason, Reshma's viral video series is reminiscent of other awareness-raising stunts, including Tadelesmith's Feminist Makeup Tutorial and Megan MacKay's Ray Rice-Inspired Makeup Tutorial for domestic abuse.