Accidental aRt Showcases Beautiful Graphs Gone Wrong

 - Nov 7, 2013
References: accidental-art.tumblr & fastcoexist
The accidental aRt tumblr account is an ode to when visual data goes wrong, providing human eyes with beautiful images to feast upon. The abstract art blog receives submissions from users who find mind-blowing mistakes that are also aesthetically appealing. Similar to the invention of penicillin, Slinkies and sticky notes, this tumblr is even more proof that good things can come from failure. This visual effect can occur when code runs together and bugs manifest in colorful, but incorrect, data.

The stylized capital 'R' in accidental aRt comes from the software 'R' that many statisticians use to visually represent their data and run models. Regardless if numbers or stats are your thing, this blog is definitely worth perusing and admiring.