The Ab-Hancer Helps Men Fake It Till They Make It

The Ab-Hancer Workout is the perfect solution for the man who needs a little extra help in the core-fitness department.

A common celebrity mantra is "fake it till you make it," and that's exactly what the Ab-Hancer does. Sporting a little extra meat on top of your washboard abs? Cardio work and core training is key -- but what should one do in the meantime? What if one wants that washboard-ab look right now? Simple solution: the Ab-Hancer.

Drastically enhance and even create abs with this frame you place on your stomach. Its adjustable straps fit around your back while the metal framing is strategically placed on your front, creating an 'ab-implant' effect. Leave on Ab-Hancer until the framing works its implant magic on your skin and voita! Instant six-pack without all the training in the gym. The Ab-Hancer ad even clearly states that “chicks dig it.”