Brett Domino Expresses His Feelings on the New Airbnb Logo in Song

 - Jul 21, 2014
References: designtaxi
Brett Domino's 'A Song About the New Airbnb Logo,' says something that a lot of people are thinking about the rebranding—"Your new logo looks like balls." There's been a lot of talk about how suggestive the new Airbnb logo looks, not just in comparison to a guy's body parts, since it's also been compared to several parts of the female anatomy. But this tribute to Airbnb's new identity focuses just on its likeness to a pair of testicles, which is simple and amusing.

The song by the UK-based musician is brilliantly put together, with lyrics like: "Airbnb, can't you see that your new branding makes me feel uneasy?" and "Surely there must have been somebody in your creative team who noticed." Although it's been a few days now since the company's new identity has been unveiled, the Internet is still not done talking about it.