From Meal Sharing Services to Leftover Food-Trading Apps

 - Mar 18, 2015
Meal sharing services are a natural convergence of growing concern around food waste and shortages and the continued emergence of powerful peer-to-peer sharing platforms enabled by social media networks.

Whether you are a local chef looking to host a dinner party with strangers or a family looking for someone to help lessen the amount of leftovers, there are plenty of innovative apps, services and platforms connecting individuals and organizations. By diverting excess food from the compost bin and toward those who need it most, individuals can help build a sustainable food economy, while they are also likely meet like-minded people with whom they can form a community.

The idea of foodsharing also circumvents modern North American concepts of individualism, where one only worries about what they themselves can achieve and consume, which is an important and inspiring step toward more conscious consumption.