‘Six Beers of Separation' Lets You Drink With Your Idol

 - Apr 18, 2009   Updated: Apr 6 2011
References: 6beersofseparation.au
A new Australian television show called 'Six Beers of Separation' seeks to explore whether six degrees of separationâ€"the theory that any human is connected to any other human in six steps or lessâ€"holds true.

The show is sponsored by Tooheys Extra Dry, an Australian beer. 'Six Beers of Separation' will take this theory and give it a beer twist.

Implications - Beer has become a staple in modern society. It's a go-to drink when you're out with friends or kicking back on a relaxing day. Beer can be used to create a buzz about a new product, TV show or service since it is so well liked by the population.