This 3D Printed Picture Project Helps the Blind Hold On to Precious Moments

 - Oct 25, 2014
References: pirate3d & springwise
This project helps keep memories alive for blind people through a 3D printed picture process. Based out of Singapore, PIRATE3D is advertising their Buccaneer 3D printer by creating 3D models for the blind in an effort to help them remember. The project called Touchable Memories was conceived by creative agency LOLA.

The 3D printed picture project had five visually impaired subjects who were asked to discuss something personal or important from their lives. PIRATE3D used software and a 3D printer to make art and old photos in 3D.

Even though Touchable Memories is a promotion, it demonstrates how 3D printing technology can help people regain what they've lost or don't remember. For example, it's also been used as custom 3D printed jewelry.