Redditor Sleepwhereweland Mends a Broken Car Radio with 3D-Printed Parts

 - Mar 18, 2015
References: reddit & 3dprint
With the possibilities that 3D-printed parts bring, it's now becoming easier than ever to mend broken items with the right tools and know-how. In the experience of Reddit user Sleepwhereweland, a broken stereo meant a trip to the 3D printer instead of the store. The tech-savvy driver describes "The original plan was just to have a single aux cord plug connected to an amp sitting behind it," and to execute this plan, a fix was designed in IronCAD in about 20 minutes after measurements were made.

Printing was carried out in white ABS, taking about 10 hours to complete on a homemade RepRap 3D printer. In terms of cost, the replacement radio and clock system only cost $30. Quick turnaround, customization, low cost and practicality will definitely appeal to those who are looking to get into 3D printing.