The ‘35mm Fashion Photography' Feature Captures Vibrant Ma

While some photographers focus on the sultry side of a model by using extravagant couture, ‘35mm Fashion Photography’ used their incredibly smart photographers to capture red-lipped shoots. These fiery fashion captures simply dominate over any couture spread on any given day.

Modeled by Natascha, the shoot captures her in luscious berry and pink lipstick shots, such that one can only wonder how to sport such makeup. Dressed in simple top and fuchsia jeans, Natascha stands out due to the bold and bright lipstick that she is seen sporting. Makeup artist Phoebe Goulding has seriously done an incredible job at creating a '70s glam look with the lips being the highlight of the shoot.

So if you are wondering how to look voluptuous without draining a whole in your pocket for the dress, worry not as it’s simply lipstick that can do the trick.