3 Parent Embryo Could Cure Genetic Diseases

 - Feb 5, 2008
References: uk.reuters
Earlier this week we reported lesbians can now have babies after a discovery was made men may no longer be needed for reproduction, but for those who do want some male action in the baby creation process, another new discovery was made this week.

Fancy a threesome? Scientists have been able to create a three parent embryo! Sex jokes aside, this discovery from Newcastle University could be the grounds for treating serious hereditary diseases.

"The idea is to prevent women with faults in their mitochondrial DNA passing diseases on to their children," according to Reuters. "Around one in 5,000 children suffer from mitochondrial diseases, which can include fatal liver, heart and brain disorders, deafness, muscular problems and forms of epilepsy."

The test tube baby was made out of a combination of DNA from a man and two women. This could make biology class a whole lot more complicated; so much for the simplicity of the XY charts to predict hereditary traits.