'2071 Gazebo' Juts Off a Traditional Country House

 - Dec 29, 2017
References: archdaily
'2071 Gazebo', a new structure designed by Russian studio 'za bor architects', is a modern spin on an age old Russian tradition. The home extension stretches out from a far more traditional country home, highlighting the contrast between contemporary design and its roots.

Russia's seasons are among the most polar in the world. The country's winters are famous for their frigidity, but it also rewards those living there with beautiful, warm summers. In order to take advantage of those summers, Russians have been fleeing to cottages and country houses during the summer for hundreds of years.

2071 Gazebo is designed to give its summer occupants a space for taking in the sweet summer without totally abandoning shelter -- the structure features plexiglass walls that can swing wide open to let natural breezes flow through.