ODA's 100 Norfolk is Upside Down to Subvert Zoning Restrictions

 - May 29, 2018
References: archdaily
Dense urban neighborhoods are environmentally friendly, and ODA's condo design at 100 Norfolk uses a clever bit of inversion in order to allow for more of that densification. The building in New York City's Lower East Side is literally flipped upside down, allowing it to offer more living space than one would expect given the amount of square footage that it has access to on the ground floor.

ODA has gained a reputation for its deft ability to make the most of New York City's infamously strict zoning regulations. 100 Norfolk is yet another example of the firm's skill in navigating that bramble of bylaws. The building is inspired by an inverted image of a more traditional condominium, allowing it to taper downward rather than upward.

Image Credit: ODA