From Bieber Fever Fingers to Monarch-Inspired Manicures

 - Jun 7, 2011
Days when you could get away with plain Jane nail stylings are over as getting wild manicures has now become the new norm. And it's not enough just to paint on some fluorescent shade of nail polish either, decorating your nails is now a full-blown art form and if you're not imprinting your nails with some snazzy images, then you're way behind the times.

Sure, you were expecting celebrity nail endorsements, but I bet the lot of you never thought Justin Bieber would have his own line of nail polish. Then there are those who are inspired by food and deck out their nails in bacon patterns. Wild manicures have become such a big deal that even some of the female staff at Trend Hunter have been showing off their new paper print-inspired nails. This just goes to show that these amazing wild manicures are worth checking out.