- Nov 3, 2013
If your house is a mess, or just needs some pizzazz, these weird and wonderful shelves and bookcases are the perfect place to start.From shelves shaped like Imperial AT-ATs from Star Wars and book cases shaped like the Bat Signal, to shelves made from flexible wood or divided with string, there’s something strange and exciting here for every homeowner. You may even be inspired to come up with your own quirky twist on the book case. These weird and wonderful shelf and bookcase concepts can be everything from fun and artistic to pop culture savvy, and some are even customizable to suit your space and needs. From unusual shapes to even more unusual building materials, the utilitarian bookcase is being taken to new heights. Maybe the future will bring computer interactive shelves and bookcases with digital organizing systems. As it stands today, These weird and wonderful shelves are a creative and useful way to personalize your home - wherever it may be - and organize your life.