The Organizational Cantori Albero Bookshelf Ascends with Organic Grace

 - Oct 3, 2013
References: & furniturefashion
Not phased by the possible chaos of your many possessions, the Cantori Albero Bookshelf rises up elegantly on slender and sinuous supports. Mimicking the winding, twisting and climbing forms of garden vines, the hand-bent metal structure of the storage system holds more than you might assume.

The delicate silvery tubular framework separates gracefully into branches to support pantograph-cut wooden ledges. Five of these long panels can come in a cream color or a more earthy champagne to bloom beautifully within any space. With its meticulous brass welding, its sculptural leafy hardware and its hand-finished detailing, the Cantori Albero Bookshelf is magnificent, yet subtle. Its daintiness encourages you to be diligent in displaying your household items in a tidy manner so that the room maintains its harmony.