From Man of Steel Sneakers to Dapper Vigilante Suits

 - Jul 15, 2012
These wearable superhero tributes reflect how obsessive the general public has become with all things comic-inspired.

From Batman to Spiderman, the popularity of these icons has definitely been influenced by the slew of Marvel films churned out over the past few years. Being cleverly integrated into many different wardrobe pieces for both men and women, these innovations seem unstoppable. Often retro-looking and featuring lots of colors, these eye-catching pieces are popular for good reason. Though some people are more drawn to some characters than others, there's a good amount of variety when it comes to these products, especially in terms of which characters are featured in the designs.

Charismatic, playful and showcasing one's love for the comic world, these wearable superhero tributes will likely stick around for years to come.