From Hats to Coats, the Luxury is Everywhere

 - Aug 13, 2011
While you may not support the wearing of real fur, it cannot be denied that it definitely adds a luxurious edge to your wardrobe; with all of these ways to wear fur, you'll never need to look for anything else to get that elite edge again.

From hats to shawls, these numerous ways to wear fur are definitely not your run-of-the-mill Cruella de Vil ensembles. If you want to add some Hollywood glamor to your wardrobe, just rock one of the items featured and you're good to go.

Implications - As the credit crunch is slowly coming to an end, consumers are seeking out ways to live more luxuriously. Products that feature a glamorous element attract shoppers who desire an exclusive experience. Utilizing materials that aren't widely available could help a company attract more attention to their items.