- Oct 7, 2010   Updated: May 20 2011
Involving hot fashions and sexy vixen shoots, this compilation is guaranteed to bring up the temperatures. This collection applauds all things vixen; from rainbow hairtography to vintage vixen photography, it promotes photoshoots and magazine covers featuring hot sultry women.

Models such as Samantha Gradoville and Amanda Laine exude sexiness with such allure and professionalism, making these wicked vixen shoots even more memorable.

Implications - When it comes to the fashion industry, risque themes are fairly common in photo spreads. The allure of models in the sultry form is one that many are attracted to due to the way the clothes are brought out from the attractive subjects. The combination of glamorous figures in a seductive photo concept done tastefully is one that brands can adopt without seeming too controversial.

From Sensual Foodtography to Haute Desert Vixens: