30 Artistic Vases And Unique Decanters

 - Nov 19, 2008
Most vases and decanters are beautiful but boring, chained to traditional globular or fluted glass forms that do little to complement the delightful things they are designed to showcase.

The humble vase, for example, is meant to display an unparalleled palette of flowers. Does this potential for abundant color doom the average vase to clear glass? The designers who created the mini tank, upturned gun and platform shoe-shaped vases in this cluster would surely beg to differ.

And the elegant decanter, meant to aerate and help a full-bodied wine reach its fullest potential, similarly often receives short shrift in the design department. The heart and vein-shaped decanters featured below are sure to inject some life into the stoic wine carafe.

Whether you’re showcasing a bottle of vintage Cabernet Sauvignon or some freshly-picked flowers, the vessels in this cluster are sure to please.