From Recycled Paper Blazers to Upcycled Clothing Cushions

 - Feb 26, 2013
With spring right around the corner, there's no better time to start getting rid of your winter wardrobe, and these creatively upcycled clothing ideas are a great way to make use of your old and outdated apparel.

Instead of throwing all your unwanted pieces of clothing in the trash, why not get a little innovative and transform them into pieces you can actually wear again? These upcycled design ideas include taking your old and tattered ensembles, and turning them into something completely new and usable. From old sweaters that are turned into cushion covers to old denim pieces being transformed into haute couture collections, these inventive ideas are a great way to make use of what you already have.

These upcycled designs are a great way to revamp your wardrobe on a budget, and create some stunning pieces no one else will likely have.