- Jun 25, 2012
These unabashedly aristocratic editorials display the best of Victorian era styles, equestrian-themed ensembles, dapper menswear, and just about anything to do with haute couture labels. Those with a will to imitate or emulate upper class looks have flocked to these productions, many of whom have left feeling inspired and anew.

Hazy lingerie spreads and crown-centric snapshots are all apart of the aristocratic magic. The exclusive nature of these photoshoots is one that many have wished to capture on an individual label, in part due to the commanding nature that they exude. GQ, How To Spend It, Elle France and Vogue Japan have all partaken in the motif via Parisian-inspired ensembles and regal gold-tinged crowns, drawing viewers into an elitist circle.

From Hazy Lingerie Spreads to Crown-Centric Snapshots: