The Staka 2012 is Inspired by the Icelandic Brennu-Njals Saga

 - Apr 1, 2012
References: facebook & coolhunting
Icelandic product designers María Kristín Jónsdóttir and Bylgja Svansdóttir have recently come together to collaborate on their first accessories collection, Staka 2012. An ongoing series, it is comprised of curious unisex leather neck accessories. The Staka 2012 collection is inspired by one of Iceland's most popular stories, the Brennu-Njáls saga. Despite the line's predominantly quirky quality, there is an aristocratic aspect too.

In particular, the Staka 2012 collection draws from the story's leading lady, Hallgerður Langbrók, who Svansdóttir explains is "notorious for her majestic appearance and temperament." Crafted from Viking Age materials, according to the designers, the Staka 2012 collection boasts a range of nude-colored collars and bows that represent the wearer's social status. Nevertheless, Svansdottir says, "We want each person to have the freedom to decide their own story and social status."