- Jun 14, 2010   Updated: Jul 12 2011
Whether it's staying dry in the rain or needing a bit of shade from the sun, Trend Hunter has umbrella and parasol finds to meet every weather need.

Typically, umbrellas keep the rain off and parasols provide shade, but to some extent, the functions can be interchanged. Our umbrella and parasol finds range from ordinary to weird and just plain silly enough to leave you singin' in the rain.

Implications - Umbrellas are an undeniable consumer fixture on rainy days, and with such, many consumers desire to use funky, fun umbrellas in order to brighten these gloomy days. Products that are used during unpleasant situations, such as umbrellas on a stormy day, are a great opportunity for companies to infuse fun and excitement into consumer's experiences on these days.

Strange, Unusual and Perfectly Ordinary Umbrella and Parasol Finds: