From Serenely Artful Valley Cabins to Stunning Simplistic Retreats

 - Aug 8, 2013
If you're looking for a place to just sit back and relax while enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer, then these tranquil forest retreats will definitely have you feeling one with the outdoors in no time.

While city living is a great way to engage in a slew of social activities both indoors and outdoors, sometimes it's nice to just take yourself out of that hustle and bustle to enjoy some quiet time in the middle of nowhere. These tranquil forest retreats are offering vacationers and home buyers the chance to enjoy the peace and quiet that exists in these secluded forest locations.

From cubed camouflaged cabins that cleverly blends in with the surrounding environment to hip rainforest abodes, these tranquil forest retreats will surely provide some much needed relaxation in these beautiful outdoor settings.