The Casa en Rio Cedro is a Wall-Free Zone

 - Sep 21, 2011
References: planbarquitectura & treehugger
Those with a keen eye for architecture will immediately recognize the breezy, wall-less Casa en Rio Cedro as the work of famed Colombian firm Plan B.

Named for the Caribbean seaside town it's located by, the Casa en Rio Cedro boasts an entirely bio-climatic design. Normally, architects use walls and windows to regulate the internal temperature of a house, but Plan B likes to do things in an unconventional manner. A no-walls philosophy means the entire building relies on the year-round mild climate of Colombia. The roof, made from certified reforested wood and nearby thatch, has been installed to ensure the comfort of tenants during rainfall. Best of all, the orientation of the building takes advantage of the wind currents, ensuring a smooth pattern of cross ventilation.

The Casa en Rio Cedro proves that comfort and eco-friendly design are not only compatible, but also complimentary.