The Agung Sedayu Center Will Thrive Amidst a Sea of Mangroves

 - Jun 22, 2011
References: archdaily & ecofriend
Anyone who thought office towers wouldn't suit the natural landscape must admit that the Agung Sedayu Center looks right ad home amidst this blanket of mangroves in Jakarta.

The fact of the matter is, that cities are growing increasingly more crowded, and although allowing infrastructure to encroach on the lush plant life of a relatively untouched topography isn't ideal, this architectural suggestion might just win you over.

A team of designers made up of Nidia Safiana, Agung Mahaputra, Arief Aditya Putra, Andika Priya Utama, Rahadi Utom and Dely Hamzah conceived this arboreal skyscraper with the utmost attention to environmental issues. The pliable skeleton will adjust to allow desired light penetration for passive heating and to reduce electrical demands. The stringy white structures of the 'Mangrove' Agung Sedayu Center will employ sustainable ventilation systems, making this building a true extension of its forest surroundings.