From AI Butler Apps to Combination Messaging Tools

 - May 11, 2017
When it comes to Millennials, convenience, connectivity, and creativity are all key components to keeping them engaged -- which all of these unique texting innovations demonstrate effectively.

In order to increase its sales among the demographic, Subway recently joined forces with Mastercard's Masterpass to enable its consumers to order, pay, and receive nutritional information via Facebook Messenger. In addition to giving consumers the ability to customize their sandwiches and pay ahead so that they don't have to wait in line, the 'Subway Order Bot' helps them to find the location that's closest to them.

Also featured in this cluster of texting innovations is 'Trainerize,' an app that matches consumers who are looking to get in shape with a personal trainer in their area. Once the two are matched, the app allows them to connect through an incorporated messaging service, which helps trainees to stay on top of their goals and have any questions or concerns answered efficiently.