'Debrief' Offers a Streamlined Solution to Reflect on Your Week

 - Feb 26, 2017
References: rodmatveev & betalist
Taking time to reflect on your week is a great way to identify what you liked, didn't like or need to remember, so 'Debrief' is a new solution to simplify the process of reflecting.

Debriefing yourself usually consists of having to sort through your email, social network feeds and messaging conversations in order to get all the data in place. 'Debrief' works as a chatbot assistant that can be utilized directly through Facebook Messenger. Simply send the things you want to remember, the various events that are happening and whatever else you want in order to reflect on your week when it's over.

The 'Debrief' chatbot assistant acts as a great solution to ensure you don't forget things you want to remember and as a method to always keep in touch with your life.