From Student-Led Mobile Services to Text-Based Customer Service Apps

 - Jun 11, 2015
Our smartphones are becoming more capable and convenient thanks to telecom innovations that aim to change the world. From text-based customer service apps to student-led mobile services, these concepts aim to save callers time and money in the long run.

These modern telecom innovations include community-empowering cellular services -- like Endaga that provides mobile access to those living in impoverished communities -- along with record-breaking LTE speeds that let users browse the Internet more conveniently than ever before.

In addition to this list's charitable and convenience-focused telecom innovations, its other winning examples include cross-over phone plans and free calling apps that cut users' budgets in half. Others include platforms that let users unlock their phone while learning about coding techniques and practices in the process.

Whether by reducing cost, expanding availability or making communication easier, these innovations in their own way are helping change the way people communicate, and in doing so are having a huge impact on the world.