WFT Telecom Focuses on Productivity and Time-to-Service Improvements

 - Dec 9, 2014
WFT Telecom has started a migration of its existing data centers to a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) architecture that is set to make huge productivity and time-to-service improvements. By focusing on highly virtualized data centers, WFT Telecom targets enterprise customers who "are tasked every day to find ways to improve their business agility and speed of innovation, increase their service quality to both internal and external customers, improve their business continuity and minimize downtime, and ultimately drive down their total cost of ownership," Telecom Asia describes.

Essentially, WFT Telecom hones in on automation in order to "achieve lower operating costs, increased productivity (agility), higher availability and reliability (quality), and better performance (speed)." By migrating its data centers, WFT Telecom ensures the best service to its target demographic that will help make their jobs easier.