Rock a Metallic, Robot-Inspired Look, Like Taraji P. Henson

 - Jan 23, 2009
At VH1’s 14th Annual Critic’s Choice Awards, Taraji P. Henson rocked a metallic silver sleeveless minidress that perfectly exemplifies how futuristic fashion can be adapted for the red carpet.

We’ve amassed a collection of futuristic fashions below to help inspire you to create your own robot-inspired look. You can opt for designs in metallic colors, as Taraji P. Henson has done, or you can start off subtly by selecting boxy, geometric creations that emphasize your body’s angles and obscure their curves.

Of course, you can also easily jump off the deep end in terms of futuristic fashion, so we’ve also included some futuristic fashions that are a bit extreme. From architectural couture to bizarre cage skirts, it’s all below.