- Feb 5, 2014
These Valentine's Day drinks are the perfect indulgence for the romantic holiday. From chocolate-flavored alcohol to pink coffee and heart-shaped drink straws, there's a myriad of ways to spice up a cocktail or drink.

If non-traditional drinks are your preference, then perhaps the Love Energy Potion will finish the night. For those with a sweet tooth there's hazelnut chocolate Jello shooters, Guinness chocolate floats, alcoholic milkshakes and much more. You can also satisfy your thirst with cute and girly pink alcohol and drink accessories, like romantic straws and a hot pink diva-inspired drink case.

These Valentine's Day drinks and drink ideas are the perfect way to add zest to the holiday and indulge in some romantic fun. So add a decadent, boozy glass of something to the dinner menu and have a wild Valentine's Day.

These Valentine's Day Drinks are Sweetly Satisfying: