From Crispy Kale Chips to Homemade Quinoa Bars

 - Jun 16, 2015
These superfood snacks are perfect for those who consider themselves conscious eaters or want to begin a path of healthy eating. Though they are not as popular as the traditional potato chips and candy, these snacks carry much more nutritional value than their indulgent counterparts.

While the usual potato chips satisfy all salt-based cravings, crispy kale chips also fulfill that craving and contribute a healthy amount of vitamins and antioxidants to the body. In line with chips, these superfood snacks also include a collection of healthy spreads perfect for accenting any bread sticks, vegetables or corn-based tortilla chips.

Sweet potato hummus offers a warm taste that will make consumers think of the autumn season while green chickpea spreads contribute a savory flavor and protein-filled benefits.