- Jun 13, 2012
With square footage becoming a premium these days, these stylish nightstands are designed to maximize space. Many of these options integrate clever storage solutions that transform these end tables into multi-functional furnishings.

While the bed is the heart of any bedroom, its corresponding furnishings are what make this room a relaxing retreat. Some of these nightstands are full of high-tech additions such as built-in speakers, fridges and electronic chargers. It is possible to reboot your devices straight in your counter, eliminating unsightly spaghetti cables. The idea of having a stocked bar for midnight snacking is a dangerously delicious idea. When those bedside beverages have you bouncing to the bathroom, just hope your stand comes equipped with a night light.

For those with pint-sized pads, there are a number of foldable and mountable options that require no additional floor space. Keep your bedroom organized with these stylish nightstands.

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