Alfred by Loris & Livia Masquerades as One Object and Excels as Another

 - Jan 26, 2012
References: lorisetlivia
Alfred by Loris & Livia may look a lot like a chair, but just imagine sitting on it. The wooden seat is of a stunted depth and the backrest is too upright, rigid and lacking in sufficient support. No, perhaps the awkward-looking seating object does, in fact, best fulfill another function. The designer has placed it nestled within the bedroom setting and treated it as an unusual bedside table.

Equally, the piece would prove to be quite convenient to use in front foyers, living rooms or within home offices. The flat surface acts as a tabletop and the slender timber lintels provide places to hang and sling anything from belts and ties to coats, bags and open books. Made for Covo of a light European Beech and painted in a range of playful colors, Alfred by Loris & Livia brings an unexpected element to everyday decorum.