Peter Jakubik's Designs Reflect Sexy Motel Antics

 - Sep 1, 2009
References: peter-jakubik
Peter Jakubik's highboy, night stand, stool, wall lamp and wall hanger narrate lusty the adventures hidden between the walls of motel rooms. The highboy and nightstand, named Maid, flirt with the fetish touch of the French maid uniform. The stool reflects sensual feminine touch by wearing white curly plastic knickers inspired by burlesque lingerie.

The wall lamp, the Coquette, is an ordinary wall lamp by day, but when night comes and you light her up, she starts flirting with the walls in your room.

Lastly, the wall hanger’s sexy legs extend from out of a skirt, ready to hold your coat. The entire collection is designed by Peter Jakubik
whose portfolio you can see on his web page.