The Parchitects 'Asteroid' Table Doubles as a Sleek Shelf

Many bedside tables come with the added bonus of having built-in shelving, but none have looked as darn cool as the Parchitects 'Asteroid' table.

The 'Asteroid' table can be turned and toppled to sit in different positions while still providing a convenient mix of supportive surfaces. The cubic design was made to adapt into any living space and offer clean lines for an effortlessly modern feel. Architect Vladimir Paripovic constructed the concept and produced the product using a natural beechwood making it an eco-friendly home accessory. The table comes in an array of colors featuring a white base blended with bright pops of painted shelving.

If you think the Parchitects 'Asteroid' table looks even the slightest bit unstable, that's far from true because the unit can even be used as a stool!