From Cussing Cards to Poo Poo Paper

 - Jul 16, 2012
These spectacular stationary innovations show how much fun sending appreciative cards has become.

From sarcastic notes to embroidered cards, there seems to be no limits when it comes to these products. Allowing for a good degree of interpretation and reinvention, stationery acts as a fabulous canvas for weird, whimsical and gorgeous design. Acting as a incredibly strong argument for snail mail, receiving and sending tactile notes is a lost art that's kept alive by a respect for tradition and creative and irresistible innovations. Thoughtful, offbeat and showing off the sender's personality, these note products are a fun way to add a personal stamp to sentiments.

Encouraging people to connect in a more personal way, these spectacular stationary innovations are a decidedly positive form of design, and are sure to keep the practice of penned notes alive for years to come.