Fred Flare's 'OMG Sticky Notes' Boast Slang Terminology

 - Mar 15, 2012
References: fredflare & nylonmag
Digital communication has revolutionized the way we speak, and now with Fred Flare's 'OMG Sticky Notes,' it has also revolutionized the way we write. These miniature stationary pieces can deliver straight-to-the-point memos and reminders of "OMG" light bulb moments. A little much? Not for generation Y.

This movement in paper production suggests a growing acceptance of slang terminology, a phenomenon that has come at the expense of those who vehemently oppose technological abbreviations. According to the opponents, terms like "LOL," "TMI" and "FYI" are breaking down multiple dialects, and are moreover replacing detailed forms of correspondence. And yet, despite the long winded complaints, the Fred Flare OMG Sticky Notes have glorified many of the shortened terms that are being thrown around the Internet today.